5 Best Lightweight Minimalist Audio Player for Windows for 2016

Lightweight audio player is defined as one with a good performance even for older systems. It does not eat up a lot of CPU space while running and it does not need more than 75 MB of RAM to function. Below is a list of some lightweight audio player for Windows you might want to try and see for yourself.

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1. GOM Audio

[Website Link]

Very little is known of this music player but it pretty much works like Winamp, which is very popular. GOM Audio is pretty clean, slick, and with a warm theme that could be inviting. The software is also from the makers of GOM Video and it does not disappoint. It comes with an equalizer, playlists, skinning, flexible interface, and a plugin system. It does not have a lirary feature though so you really won’t be able to manage your music here. This is a plain music player.

2. AIMP3

[Website Link]

This one is pretty much like Winamp too but this one is more modern and clean. The interface is sophisticated but don’t worry, it’s not that complicated to use. There are a lot of useful features and it even has a plugin system. It comes with an Audio Library which could help you in managing your music files. It also has a Tag Editor which may further help you organize your music.

3. Nightingale

[Website Link]

Compared to the Songbird Classic, this one is clean, fast, and indeed a good performer. Extra features may be enabled in the add-on system. It has a built in web browser which may be useful to people who want to browse the web quickly while using the player. It also has Smart Playlists which allows you to set up parameters and filters to automatically create and even adjust playlists depending on your needs.

4. Clementine

[Website Link]

This player provides a lot of features, you wouldn’t expect it’s just lightweight. However, it may require more resources than most lightweight players may need. The interface is intuitive and clean. It’s easy to control and it has a music manager where you could even put cover art. Cloud syncs are also available. The audio library is strong without sacrificing speed.

5. Spider Player

[Download Link]

This one has complete features as well and takes up a small space. It is even portable meaning you don’t even need to install it. All you need to do is put it in your thumb drive and access it wherever you want to. It used to be a premium software but now, it has become free. The last update was made last December 2010 but major bugs have been fixed already and the player is pretty much complete.

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