Getting Started with Dungeon Boss

With the rise in technology, smartphones have become a best friend to the modern individual. From being your personal planner to providing the much needed communication between family and friends, this gadget has made huge leaps in the technology department. It’s no surprise that certain individuals have created apps to pass the time. On this particular thought, Dungeon Boss was created to help you burn the time without having to commit so much time to your smartphone.

But just what is Dungeon Boss?

Dungeon Boss is a mobile game set in medieval time with the goal of raiding dungeons and defeating bosses. It sounds like a much loved genre of role-playing game, does it not? This particular game however makes use of retro-style heroes which add to its appeal. The fun thing about Dungeon Boss is you’re not only limited to playing the game with yourself but there’s also a PVP, player vs player, mode that will pit you against individuals across the globe. The resources that drives this game are called coins and gems, which can be hacked by using the Dungeon Boss cheats.

Though you may say this is your any-ordinary, run of the mill fantasy RPG game, think again! Dungeon Boss gives you the ability to unlock various characters in your game progression but giving you full tactical approach to handling each dungeon and defeating each boss. This indeed sounds a little different from your ordinary RPG.

Due to the tactical approach on completing your quests, this throws the game into a different perspective. Since you’re only limited to certain characters, you’ll have to upgrade certain items and select the best individual to accomplish each mission.

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