Play Virtual Families 2 and Start Off With Lots of Money

If you liked playing Virtual Village then you will love this game, Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House. This is the sequel to the smash hit life simulation game developed by Last Day of Work, LLC. Best of all, Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House has been given awards like Parents Choice Recommended Award and Sim Game of the Year for its exceptional standards as an ethical game.

Upon entering the game, players are given the choice to adopt a little person that they will play with. Eventually they will have to marry, get a house, make babies, and start up a family. Soon they will have to pass the house to the kids and life goes on. Players also have the chance to train their little people. Scolding them and praising them once in a while. The primary currency in the game comes in coins (money) and you can earn them in many different ways including careers and other methods. The easiest way is to utilize the money cheats for Virtual Families that works.

In turn, your little people will give you random messages of praise or pleading depending on what mood they are in. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House runs in real time and in your time zone. It is really something unique for a game entirely not to mention that this game is quite unpredictable which sets it apart from other simulation games. Players also have the chance to fix and decorate their own homes. It is like having a virtual pet, a family that you must nurture and take care of everyday or else they will be sad.


Virtual Families 2 is available for download on the Amazon app store, Google play store, and iTunes app store. A PC and MAC version is also available for players who would like to use their laptops or computers rather than their gadgets. Virtual Families 2 is compatible with browser, iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

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