Pokemon GO joystick

written by: Neeraj2992 The Pokemon Go craze has swept over the whole world, and shows no signs of slowing down. With millions of gamers the world over poring over every inch of the game in obsessive detail, it’s only natural that some of those gamers come up with cheats and hacks to make the gameplay easier.

One such hardware hack that is quickly gaining popularity among players is the Pokemon Go Joystick app, which branched off from the original Pokemon Go online hack. As the name suggests, the hack allows players to navigate the game using a joystick like control system that sends fake GPS signals to the player’s phone, thus allowing the player to walk around the game’s virtual environment using a joystick instead of having to physically move to new areas.

This hack comes as a great boon to Pokemon Go players who complain about having to stay in one place at school or at their jobs when they would rather be collecting pokemon. In order to set up the joystick, the player must hook up their smart device to a signal generator and a GPS evaluation device. Using Google Earth, the joystick can then be used to mimic a live player’s movements. The joystick’s coordinates are converted to GPS signals transmitted through the box.

Like most other hacks, this one isn’t perfect either. If you play the game using the joystick for too long, the company that developed the game will realize the accelerometer data does not match the amount of GPS movement, and find out that you’re using a cheat. Still, this hack remains one of the most interesting cheats available currently for Pokemon Go, and is already very popular with certain sections of gamers.

To use the hack, simply download the module from the internet and install it on your Smartphone. In settings, go to developer options and turn on mock location. Reboot the game. When you restart, the app adds a joystick overlay over the screen which you can use to navigate the game environment.

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