Our Report Directly From Clash Royale Tournament in Shanghai

Gone are the days when all people did was play console games and wish it were them in the big screen bursting the moves, wielding the sword, swiping the card, kicking the ball or skipping gems. Thanks to technology, people’s fantasies have become a reality with the introduction of mobile E-Sports. Today, we have game enthusiasts competing in tournaments to win huge prices accumulating to thousands of dollars.

You probably have heard of the game Clash Royale and chances are you happen to be a huge fan of it and you probably took part in the 100000 player qualifying tournament. On July 8 2016, the official Chinese site for the Clash Royale game announced the tournament which was to qualify 400 players for the Royale Shanghai Championship slated for the 23rd of July. Using tools like Clash Royale gem hacks is strictly not allowed according to the rule book. After the announcement of the qualifying tournament, a lot of Clash Royale fans stepped up their game so they could have a shot at the $58,000 and a trip to ClashCon—Clash of Clans.

Unfortunately for the millions of users who participated in the qualifying segment, only 400 were shortlisted to get to the next stage. 3 hours of an intense king-of-the-hill tournament was all it took to knock out most of the participants leaving only the best 8 to compete in the quarter finals bracket. If you have been an avid follower and player of this game, then names like TMD Aaron, TMD Cliff, and TMD YaoYao might ring a bell as they were among the best players in the qualifying tournament segment who made it to the last lap.

6 of the players were taken out leaving just two—Mingsheng and Hunzhe who fought with all their skill, talent and best known tactic. Mingsheng was crowned the winner after taking down Hunzhe towers in series of attacks.

The Clash Royale recorded an increase in sale amounting to $1.5 million after the launch of the tournament. It was a win-win situation for both Mingsheng and Clash Royale.

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